Wednesday, 11 October 2017


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Every tiny molecule of ash is in motion with my heat, I am such a lunatic that I am free even in jail.

-Sri Bhagat Singh

We all look up to our leaders and are also motivated by their stature and the way they take care of their followers.

Going back in time there were great leaders who have lead people in the right directions which have helped to make this world a better place to live.

 Historically there are many people who were great leaders and their legacy is being taken as an example till date talks about Karana oh! What a great worrier he was. He fought till the end and gave away everything that he was asked including his divine shield which was a divine gift. That is one of the qualities of a leader non-materialism or sacrifice.

Recently I  read a random article about the correlation between mythology and logic, the funny part is that recently when my cousin visited he actually suggested writing a blog based on almost this same topic but, highlighting leaders.

So what is the correlation between the almighty sun and a leader, well I have read in the history books which often contain some poetic lines like: “here comes the leader who shines as bright as the sun” now why do they say that why is a leader compared to the sun? Well, I was thinking about it for some time and these thoughts uttered to my mind.

The sun is selfless, for him, the first priority is always shining to give light and this shining takes  lot of his strength   because he burns himself up to shine for us, similarly, a leader is a person who believes in helping his people first and lead them in the right direction he will think about himself  lastly after he has helped his people in whatever it is required to be done.

The sun is a mighty star placed millions of lightyears away from our mother earth, but still, each and every being on this earth is dependent on the sun, to be clear we can say without hesitation that without the sun there is no life, imagine a day of darkness! all that breaths depend on energy on the sun and he is the only one capable of supporting life.

After talking about the sun, little peek inside mankind, there were many kings who were seriously great leaders Pritiviraj Chauhan, Sri KrishnaDevaraya the Wodeyars of Mysore, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Chandraguptha Maurya and so all of these above-mentioned leaders share some common qualities like ambition, challenging self, the zeal to win a battle and above all giving their lives to their people and helping them enjoy a better life.

I feel most of the present leaders have forgotten these basic lessons of being a front-runner and end up in just getting criticised from their people for their lack of duty and misdeeds.

If the leaders are firm and stand on their toes with the intention of selfless, that my friend is a move towards progressive society.

A leaders mind should be as clear as mountain water and should contain minerals of selfless and compassion towards his men.

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Saturday, 30 September 2017


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How are you today?

We discovered the earth when we were traveling to the moon.
-Astronaut on board the first moon landing mission.

Understanding is the key for to succeed in the process, without us knowing what we are doing there is actually no meaning in life.

So in the vernacular education system which almost all of us have been through, there are considerable amounts of attention and technique which were given and used by our teachers to make us understand our subjects as well as the other values.

But as you know our brain is almost the most advanced natural computer available in this world, as this computer grows, by which I mean as we grow so does our brain, growth here means is not physical growth, I am talking about the psychological upgradation that happens simultaneously as we mature.

The spark!

Spontaneity defines a spark, a spark can make or break situations for instance when I say make a situation think of a spark plug which starts your vehicle. When I say break a situation think about a gas leak and a small spark in that room the result is just a big sad fire accident!

The above paragraph was just to bring the subject of sparks upfront because what I actually intend to discuss about is the mental spark. Well, actually it is not much of a complicated concept to understand.

So here is what I think is a mental spark, something which comes spontaneously to your mind in the correct situation which is useful, to that situation and maybe help you to solve the problem you are in.

One of the common mental sparks which light every day understands when you are in a conversation a pattern of sparks light up in the participant's minds which leads to arguments and agreements and maybe finally a solution.

The self-Spark.

This is a person realizing somethings which he has noticed each day but suddenly starts thinking deeply about something he realized, for example, there are some fantastic things that one always wonder about like the eternal question “ how the universe works “? I think that has always fascinated and me and there is appoint where science stops and cannot explain further and that is you known mystic force comes into picture, actually some days ago I was seeing a documentary on discovery science where scientists have come up with a breakthrough theory about how the electromagnetism has been an important constituent in forming of stars and planets.

Maybe the example becomes a little bit lengthy sorry, so that is the whole point, our minds ignite to certain stimuli and go into the thinking mood which will help us understand life better.

Before ending the blog I would like to say always be in the ignited mode understand each and every step of your life and reason it out why things happen the way they happen, it does not require you to become a student of any applied science or some great mind from Massachusetts or Carl Sagan institute you are born with it each one of us is! Indeed just you need to tap your capabilities.

The best use of the sparking is you will understand your life and why your sad if you are you will get an ability to chalk out a plan to how to resolve that and become more successful!

Thanks for your time until next week then Adios…

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Change - The constant process

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Change your thoughts and you change.

Change is the way of life I am sure you would have read this,  and also this one, change is inevitable

It is actually necessary and it is the reason that the world has evolved till here and continues to evolve.

Now even when we look at the animal and plant kingdom we see that what biologists call evolution, in short, it can be called transformation.

But there is a condition here; there can be bad change and good change.

Bad change can be more and more modernization leading to disasters in the world.
Good change can be the same technology helping visually challenged to regain their vision.

Now for another question what does it take to change someone of his attitude, thoughts or the way he thinks.

There are reasons people change some are pleasant and some are not so happy ones.
The good reasons that we can see a change in a person are, chasing him or her to progress, self-realization and maturity.

When we think about the unpleasant ones there are people who are nice but their circumstance made them the sadists they are today, the challenge is not to bow to the circumstance and being the person you are, which again changes you to become more brave and strong.

Now for that question what does it take to change a person, let me be positive to change him into a good person?

Well, I feel his attitude matters, suppose that person had a good attitude towards life half job is done the other half is a little persuasion and goal orientation.

But if he or she is leading a life in a negative mindset, a lot of pushing around is required.

Definitely, I feel we need to always change for the good, attitude is a set of beliefs which we see and learn as we grow up and how we respond to stimuli which are partially transferred from our parents.

But the crux is that finally, it's up to the individual how he wants to live? But I urge people to change for good and develop good qualities, mannerisms and awareness and being proactive in the society so that we can make the place you stay reach new heights, which may help change the lives of millions. 

I want to end this blog here with the hope of seeing a change in the reader's mind.

Let me know in the comment box what are your thoughts on this blog.

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Fear for nothing?

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When was the last time you got scared and then took time to analyse why you got into that loop of fear and panic?

I am sure you would remember when you had felt frightened definitely you would not have taken time to analyse the reason behind it.

Let us discuss on this a bit today because in this era of people ending their lives for utter stupidity like some utterly obnoxious WhatsApp group called "blue whale" I feel where are driving our gen next? is this life or some social networking robot farm?

You know living itself is an activity and just to live have we realized someone is working from within to make you live, what do I mean by living? I mean it takes a lot of efforts just to be here now and able to read this passage because there are places in the world, even a moment away can just be death.

Talking about fear, do you think it is an illusion? if you are thinking so you are wrong even though Lau Tzu who is the father of Taoism in China said I quote: " There is no greater illusion in this world than fear!" I would not completely agree because it is no illusion as it is actually proved now as both a biological and psychological phenomenon of how your body and mind respond to certain stimuli.

Now the stimuli can a be a nightmare or a sudden blast of your car tyre, so as I told you getting scared, is not unnatural.

But what is not good for oneself is that to have a fear psychosis problem I see so many of my peers, friends, family and benefactors  getting scared for nothing, I recently came across a book called  “ The fear book" by Cheri Huber where the author mentions about fear used an escape tool by our own brain and has lead to laziness of millions and developing the inability to carry on the even the simplest of  daily tasks , I agree this is just a perspective but definitely  it is a food for thought and a perspective to think alternatively and not get scared without logical reasons.

I remember in one the episodes of the much famed tonight show  Bill Maher had said "half our lives are wasted in fear and the other half in repentance" I feel he is right.

You know fear works in both ways it sometimes turns out to be a good for example you scold a child who has a habit of biting nails so that he will quit that bad habit.

So now how can fear turn to be bad, imagine you were a very active person in life and suddenly due to some incident you are grounded and end up spending more time at home than going out like you used to always? say for some months.

But then after that phase, is over you would get the same leisure time you got before to go out and explore and do your business or whatever you intended to do,this is the  turning point,  some people take it in the right spirit and will do what has to be done and be their  own self.

A scientific perspective explaining fear psychosis.

But, unfortunately, there are people who end up in the loop of feeling scared for nothing and imagine reasons like: I have become old, there is lot time lapse and the outside environment has changed to what I have seen and what it is now!  but still there are some people who still go out but sometimes it may so happen that may be a small accident or an injury may occur which is purely coincidental and I feel in these times it is common, but that person considers it  as a big blow to his mind will end not stepping out again or will begrudge and postpone when there is an opportunity.

Our body is actually a complicated biomechanical machine which has the most advanced controls in the world and the controller is you and who are you ? its your soul which is living inside you till you breathe and it goes to another body after you stop breathing and your soul is limited to your body, so suppose that soul enters a dog's body it is limited to what a dog can do , if it enters a  human body that soul is  supposed to be in the most superior and intellectual body available in this world, so how is that fear has a place where there are no limits to what you can achieve in all the good ways.

So stop feeling skirmish within yourself and think about a goal and achieve it and never become a machine that doesn’t move or work always be on your toes and never work in a semi-switched on mode minus the will power. Let the will power beacon glow like never before so bright that the mal-function lights like fear and panic do not get a chance to glow.

Be brave until the end, just look around and look at the boarders I am sure you will get some motivation. Choose what you want you to become and you will be that I assure you, only thing matters is your focus. 

The beauty about fear is that when you run to it,  it runs away.

-Robin Sharma

Until next week bye.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Right to privacy - A discussion on the 7th fundamental right.

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People should not be afraid of Government, Government should be afraid of people.
-Alan Moore

Hmmm, it's raining here as I am drafting this blog feels pleasant.

Well, the present government is definitely proactive when compared to the previous one and we all have reason to believe that.

Recently I heard news about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the right to privacy, I think it was much needed and welcome the move.

Why is our right to privacy important? Let me ask you a simple question do you feel safe if some stranger knows your personal phone number your personal address and your bank account number! Definitely, it is unsafe.

Right to privacy is something which will protect you in many ways, I was reading an article written in the first post by Sri. Rajeev Chandrasekhar on I have listed some takeaways which will help us get some awareness about the right to privacy as a fundamental right.

1.     There are several implications of this judgment but mark my words, the full impact of this will be seen and felt over the coming years as the relationship between citizens and the state, citizens and big corporates gets redefined and recalibrated to realise the vision of being not just the world's largest democracy but also the most advanced democracy

2.     Central to implementing this vision is the idea of a digital India. In an interconnected world where technology governs virtually all aspects of our lives, Thursday's judgment embeds consumer rights within the Constitution. This verdict effectively creates for the first time, obligations and responsibilities for all entities, government or private, that deal with the information of Indian citizens.

3.     This verdict has put to rest the issue of privacy is a fundamental right and it goes way beyond Aadhaar. The main issue was the seven-decade-old culture in our bureaucracy where citizens had no protective rights against the State.

4.     This ruling will deter unethical practices by corporates such as stealing biometric details from Aadhaar card to illegally procure multiple SIM cards or sharing of information without any authorisation. With the intrusion of technology, the telecom companies, e-commerce companies and other private service providers are duty bound to safeguard the data of citizens or face legal action by the empowered consumers.

5.     Similarly, for making Aadhaar mandatory for targeting beneficiaries, the UIDAI will have to make necessary legal modifications so that it does not violate the privacy of citizens. We already know that Aadhaar of the NDA govt shares very little with the Aadhaar of the UPA. The NDA Aadhaar has legislative backing, its verification process is far stricter and numerous fake accounts enrolled during the UPA regime are being removed.

I also read an article written by Sri. Gopal Sankaranarayanan in times of India he is an advocate in the supreme court of India, he describes this judgement as one of the remarkable ones in the history of the supreme court.

Sri. Gopal Sankaranarayanan argued on behalf of the Government of India in this case.
So, all in all, Let us all welcome the 7th fundamental right.

This law will also help us in not giving away our personal data to mega analytics tycoons who convert our buying patterns and preferences into "meta data" and sell it to E-commerce giants.

Thanks for your time, until next time bye.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Friends and Friendship- An experience to cherish.

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A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
-Elbert Hubbard

There are certain people in this world who mean something to you, the word something here can be close to you, or you respect them or you consider them as your role model or he or she is your teacher or may be a friend.

Focusing on friends today.

When we are born we know only a few people actually very few, your mom, dad, siblings and some very close relatives, until you learn to speak we would have responded everything with a smile or weep if we don’t like what is presented in front of our half blurred eyesight, as life is very dynamic we grow up and start becoming more social.

In this modern era, the second circle of people we will meet is in our kindergarten or the Montessori or your nanny who will baby sit you if you have working parents.

Then you join a school where you will learn your first steps of group dynamics and group psychology sitting with your classmates that is when you would have heard and learned the word “friend”.

From then on till one day when you become an old man or women carrying a cane you will be with few people or groups of people whom you would be associated with and call them your “friends”.

Are friends important in our lives and what is their part in your life, in your happiness in your sadness and success, do they play a major part, let us discuss?


For instance let me take my own example I am person who is kind of intellectual and like to interact with people about issues which concern society as well the solutions to resolve them and always think about how better can the place where I live around to be made better for others as well as me, and I am person who loves animals ok, to keep it simple I am a rationalist and an animal welfarist.

So when I meet a person my perception towards him to consider him as my friend and think if he can get along with me would be the above-mentioned criteria, which we know as what we call it as like-mindedness.

Like my example, I know you all will also have a certain criteria when you meet people and try to understand them, for me If I meet someone who hates animals and is more materialistic I would keep my distance from him or her, definitely it's not that we have personal grudge towards each other but it is simply not just try to be with him or her and then have quarreled and broken away which is not the solution for any problem.

The summary for the above two paras is that we need to choose our friends very carefully, because the sad part is many of the people in the world actually don’t have real friends, I know all your eyebrows are up now and you want me to prove how am I so confident will try to assimilate  my argument.

See friendship is actually considered above all relationships except for that relationship of a mother and child.

Therefore it is supposed to be a very joyful and truthful one isn't it? But actually just think right now as you are reading this how many of your own people whom you think are close friends are ready be there for you or you are ready to be there for them I am sorry I am not trying to doubt your friendship but  truth is bitter, even though the answer is entirely not negative to be frank it is positive most of the time as every one of us will have at least few friends who are there for us for life and likewise.

The last two lines of the previous paragraph are the real friends.

But still, there are few people who will never get any help from anyone which is sad.

See friendship according to me is not just the peers whom you study irrespective of your school or college and you develop that closeness with them as you would have helped them and they help you back in various academic and personal issues, if that person continues to be in the same mood and reserves that position for you even after a long time that you can tell he wants to be a real friend to you.

See it is basically when you meet someone and you spend some time with them, you will realize your minds match, that is when you establish rapport but will this bond be strong depends on both of you.

I am blessed to have some very good friends in my life, but I tell you I have only a few, which I am glad, and please I don’t believe in this online friendship given to us by Facebook and various other social media sites, even though many of you may feel it is very legitimate I don't feel so because  consonance as deeper meaning than just chatting on a portal.

The friends group you are in your  life will play some part in shaping you as an individual, if we  have a  weak character we may get carried away in doing bad deeds and becoming hero in a wrong way, always be careful about what your friends intend to do and stay away if it is against your principles and what you believe is right.

Indian Society and friends.

I am specifically commenting on this because Indian society and  Indian psychology have some concerns which have to change, there are some mediocre people who judge friendships especially if your close friend is an opposite sex, can you believe this! Why should there be a gossip about such things and people just making stuff up, are we so jobless worrying about others affairs, this is seriously bad for Indian society,  let us all try to put some sense to such people who think if you are friend of good looking man, or if a women’s best friend is a beautiful man some folks  keep on spreading nonsense around which are totally useless, we need to change this trend. 

Friendship is heavenly and is actually understanding a person and his problems and helping that person to swim out of it and being part of his or joys which will be gladly returned by your friend that is friendship it is above materialism for sure, we all should enjoy this experience until we live, and build your friends  and set a goal so that all of you and your friends can work towards it and do something better for this world, which will help the have-nots.


Thank you all my dear friends who have always helped me and accepting me as I am.

let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comment box.

Thanks for your time, until next time goodbye.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


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People are waiting  to kill each other, how many are ready to save each other?
-Sri Jiddu Krishnamurti
I was reading the news lately when I came across this article about Kim Jong-un who is testing nuclear missiles, which has created tensions between Korea and USA.

Just of out curiosity I started reading little bit about war history.

Well some of the obvious highlights you learn when you read articles about war is: conflict is a very bitter experience for the people who are actually part of it, and the familes who lose them in the course of war.

Confrontation can alter the future of countries and make the future generations of that country to perish or sometimes even worse, a mutation the best example which can be quoted is the first and I hope the last nuclear bombing which happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the destruction from these bombs were so harsh that even the bomb makers had not imagined that it would devastate Japan to such an extent, the effects of are still evident ! 
Another takeaway which I  very much felt concerned about  was  the environment , have we ever thought about what foot prints a war leaves on the environment, where you just bomb in the intention of killing your enemy but you don’t even think about how much environment we destroy in the name of war and freedom.

What a pity the great humans are destroying this world before it can even be enjoyed for generations to come.

A Forest destroyed in the course of a wsr.

Just looking at the statistics it’s quite alarming for instance in the Vietnam war, the USA military forces used herbicides to destroy the foliage so that they flush out the enemies who were taking cover  in the forest.

Kim Jong-un who is testing nuclear missiles, is least concerned about the oceans he is destroying when his missiles fall into the ocean ,so we have not even spared the aquatic life.

The God or some of us who believe it as a force who created this world if he was here today would be sad today by seeing the trachery state  humans, who are just waiting to kill each other and also destroy all the nature in the spirit of war! Which is of course one the reasons .

Why not choose peace over war, why have all of us  ended up hating each other and always trying to get better of somwthing from someone which you don’t have? can you not be satisfied with what you have.

Nature should never become the victim of war; remember if there is no nature we are history.

I think we have had enough wars in the world let us start working towards a world which thinks in sympathy and empathy towards its neighbors.

I pray for all the brave souls who gave up their lives during many  wars.

 There should be only goal to all the decision makers and leaders of various countries that should be: world peace.

Why can’t the great forces of the world think about peace and negotiations, tell me your thoughts in the comment box.

Thanks for your time.


Hello readers Hope you all are doing well. Every tiny molecule of ash is in motion with my heat, I am such a lunatic that I am fre...