Friday, 8 June 2018

The Iron Curtain (irumbu thirai) - Movie Review

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Truth is the source of real spirituality and courage is its soul.
Source- Light endless light by Sri Aurobindo Gosh

Some movies which are being produced in the recent times are based on real-life incidents which I much appreciate, as I like creating awareness to people and I think the film industry is one of the best options available to spread awareness.

So moving on, this movie Irumbu Thirai in Tamil and Abhimanyudu in Telugu starring Vishal, Arjun Sarja and Samantha begins with a suspicious theme of a politician asking a software engineer to manipulate his funds and ask him to convert black money (a popular Jorgen used in India to addressed wealth which is not declared by an  individual to the tax authorities) into legal funds and transfers a significant amount of money to his bank account.

Then in the following scene, the software engineer’s bank account has been hacked, and all the money has been flushed out, soon after the politician finds out about this mishap, the software engineer is beaten black and blue and asked to cough up the money by the end of the evening. The disappointed software engineer returns to his apartment and receives a call from his loan agent; he disconnects the call and finally commits suicide due to the enormous debt which he could not handle.

In the next scene the hero is shown in a Spanish bar trying to entice a girl who is from Spain into marrying him and settling in Spain, it turns out the Girl likes Indian culture so the plan backfires and he also gets bashed up by a group of youths who are portrayed as patriots.

Day 2, the same group of youths are surprised when they come to know the person whom they had a brawl yesterday is Major Kadiravan, and he will be their training officer, for the whole of their training period.

After this hero is portrayed as a person who cannot tolerate injustice and is shown to have temper issues, this temper will cause him some problems in his career when he is sent to anger management classes for six weeks, where he meets a charming lady who is a psychologist named Rathi Devi. They quickly become friends, and the doctor suggests him to go meet his family, which he had neglected for many years.

When he reached his village he sees his dad and sister and feels happy, and finds out his sister is in love with a wealthy guy and wants to get married to him.

Determined to get his sister married he returns to the city and applies for a loan of ten lac Indian rupees in his military academy which the military loan officer rejects due to the major’s bad behaviour with his peers, after several failed attempts, he tries to get the loan from private banks which looks even more challenging to obtain.

Finally, when he feels lost, an unknown character introducing himself as a loan agent sparks an idea in his brain; the idea is to provide fake documents that the military officer (Kadiravan) will open a computer business in his Dad’s name and the loan will be provided based on that surety.

Sure enough, the loan is sanctioned, and ten lac rupees were credited to his Father’s account who is the account holder.

Then suddenly one day, tragedy struck, Kadir’s Father Visits the teller machine to withdraw some funds, when suddenly he realises his account balance is nil.


Soon enough he realises his bank account has been hacked and all the money was stolen.

The story progresses when the Hero tries to crack this case of cybercrime and he follows the criminals who are part of this gang, and finds out the kingpin behind this whole hacking racket is a man, better known with his user id as “WHITE DEVIL”, who is portrayed as the underworld king of computer hacking.

With a brilliantly scripted plot till the end, finally, the hero corners Satya Murthy alias White devil and confronts him and recovers not only his money but also returns the wealth of all those common man’s bank accounts which was hacked.

The film portrays various types of criminal activities which are now being carried out in the internet and using our smartphones, our touchscreen phones even though very powerful sophisticated and advanced, is an open the door to the most sensitive data of the user that is you, imagine you show your face to the phone, you store your fingerprints on the phone! How are so sure all of it is secured?

The movie also highlights illegal communities like tor and darknet, face camera eavesdropping, phone mic hacking, public CCTV hacking and finally signature on bank cheque which are stolen digitally scanned and pasted on your own cheque leaf.

So my message is simple do not use smartphones like toys, do not share your bank details to any tom dick and harry who proposes a fistful of cash back offer or a lottery. I  also want to humbly request to our respected Government to beef up the security measures for our Aadhar cards as it is a pinnacle of information of an individual, Minimize your selfie craze and your social media activity, there are many white devils around who are just waiting to hunt you down on the web!

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Football- A spring of thoughts

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You know the only sport which I used to follow was cricket until the IPL invaded this beautiful game and made into a horse trading rat race.

Recently I watched a game a football just passing by, but one Goal by Gareth Bale (a winger for Spanish club Real Madrid) just left me stunned, and I decided to follow this game, which I should have done long back.

Currently, through the round of sixteen of FIFA world cup 2018 in Russia, I have seen nail-biting competition, the best of emotions from the fans and also great patriotism from the players representing their countries.

When I watch each match every day since the beginning of the season, I started getting inspired by the devotion of the players and the strategies they use to outwit their opponents, either become successful or succumb to their plan. I have also observed the sportsmanship all the players show irrespective of the sides they are in is admirable.

What are lessons that we can learn from this famous game which is also called the world’s most played game?

We can learn the essence of real team spirit, the strength of working together and discharging specific duties in the most candid means possible.

If you imagine the spheroid as the means to achieve your goal, it passes through a lot of people some of them who are friends who will give the ball back to help you reach your goal, and others take it far away from you to achieve their goals.

So you can consider all the opponents as people in your lives who try to pull you down in all ways possible and try to withstand you in reaching your goal.

On the other side, you have your own teammates who help you passing your problems to them and then moving along with you always and helping you reach your desires and interests in life, and these people are your family, friends and well-wishers.

Defenders midfielders, forwards, wingers and finally the strikers, these picketers are vital people in your life who push you towards your objective.

And then….

GOAL! Well, you would have scored your first goal when you have eventually have gone through all of the people we have discussed.

Now think! When we think about games like football or any other team sport we feel very motivated if you try to analyse the reason for this, the joy of being liked and liking is a joy of a different kind.

Courtesy: google images

Let your antagonist try to bring you down, but if you have a great team with you who are there for you at all phases, you will be the luckiest person on this earth.

Start building teams for better causes that would lead to achieving your team goals as well as your personal goals and also making this society a better place to live.

“Take someone who doesn't keep score,
who's not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing,
who has not the slightest interest even
in his own personality: he's free.”

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Friday, 25 May 2018

Bleeding Valley

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Violence is a disease, You don't cure a disease by spreading it to more people.
-Game of Thrones on terrorism via Gecko & Fly

The world is now almost in a stabilized condition, I mean there are no world wars, or a great plague or a famine all the countries are looking towards one primary goal that is developing both economically and culturally, not to forget the responsibility to save the natural habitats and flora and fauna of that land.

Even though India is an excellent county with ancient heritage filled with inventors who thought beyond all times and were successful in building beautiful empires and enchanting dynasties, and reached new heights in spirituality which even today id the supreme knowledge that mankind ever saw,  we have ended up in some serious issues in one of the beautiful valleys of Asia.

Kashmir since Independence has always been facing problems of many kinds like Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the Indian occupied Kashmir, countless sacrifices of our brave soldiers at the line of control due to ceasefire violations.

After the Uri surgical strikes conducted by our forces, Pakistan without any option is now resorting to proxy and guerrilla warfare in the name of stone pelters, and we all remember the brave act of Major Gogoi who tied up a stone pelter to his jeep and paraded him in the valley.

Since last week there is a lot of aggression and violence going on the in the valley, it has hot the papers and all the prime time debates are filled with this one topic: the Ramzan cease-fire issue.

The implications of the Ramzan cease-fire has turned ugly, it lead to the death of two eminent personalities, please read the media report which I have collected about them.

Journalist Shujaat Bukhari shot dead by gunmen in Srinagar
Source: TOI

SRINAGAR: Veteran journalist and Rising Kashmir editor Shujaat Bukhari and his PSO were shot dead by unidentified gunmen outside the newspaper's office in the heart of Srinagar, police officials said on Thursday.

Bukhari, who was in his 50s, was leaving his office in Press Enclave in the city centre Lal Chowk for an iftar party when he was shot, officials said.

While one of the personal security officers (PSO) guarding him was killed, another policeman and a civilian were injured, they added.

The condition of the two injured in the shooting, which comes a day ahead of Eid, is critical, they said.

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said in a message that she was shocked and saddened by Bukhari's "sudden demise".

"The scourge of terror has reared its ugly head on the eve of Eid. I strongly condemn this act of mindless violence & pray for his soul to rest in peace. My deepest condolences to his family," the chief minister said on Twitter.

Terrorism, she said, has hit a new low with Bukhari's killing, "that too on the eve of Eid".

"We must unite against forces see9king to undermine our attempts to restore peace. Justice will be done," Mehbooba said.

It was not immediately clear how many gunmen attacked Bukhari, who earlier worked with The Hindu newspaper as its Kashmir correspondent.

Bukhari was instrumental in organizing several conferences for peace in the Kashmir Valley. He was also part of the Track II process with Pakistan.

Here is incident number two:

Abducted jawan Aurangzeb killed for being a buddy to Army officer
Source: The economic times

Pulwama district J&K: Abducted jawan Aurangzeb who was killed by terrorists in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir on Thursday, could have been singled out because of his closeness to an army officer who had gunned down Hizbul Mujahideen commander Sameer Tiger in Kashmir in April.

In a video released on social networking site, Twitter, Aurangzeb during his abduction is seen being interrogated about his closeness to Major Rohit Shukla, who had killed Sameer Tiger.

Aurangzeb confirms that he is Shukla’s ‘buddy’. A buddy is like an officer’s own “shadow”, moves with him, knows every detail about him, goes to operations with him and even proceeds on leave with him.

What is also coming to light is that an army deserter is suspected to have been behind Aurangzeb’s abduction, according to sources.

This detail about the incident is still being verified by the Army and the J&K Police. Special teams have also been formed to track down the killers. Major Shukla became a big name in Kashmir after he led the operation against Sameer Tiger and killed him. Shukla had suffered injuries during the encounter.

 A day before the meeting, a video of Tiger threatening Shukla went viral.

In relation, Aurangzeb could have been singled out due to being close to Shukla. Aurangzeb is a rifleman posted at the 44 Rashtriya Rifles camp at Shadimarg in Shopian.

On Thursday morning, some army personnel from the unit had stopped a car asking the driver to drop Aurangzeb in Shopian. The Rajouri resident was going home for Eid.

Later, terrorists stopped the vehicle as it approached Kalampora and abducted the jawan. Hours later, his bullet-ridden body was found in Pulwama.

So these souls, who were brutally murdered by mindless militants, were two kinds of heroes, Mr Shujaat Bukhari was a warrior with the pen, and Mr Aurungzeb was a brave jawan and a rifleman of the Rashtriya rifles who was returning home to meet his family for the festival of Ramzan. Shujaat Bukhara’s body was rattled with bullets, just outside his office when he was on the way to a gathering.

Dear readers now please think, do the above men deserve this? A jawan who protects his nation has no protection and an honest journalist who fought with his pen and brought awareness to many people, shot in cold blood?

Well regarding the decision taken by the home ministry regarding the Ramzan ceasefire I am not the right person to comment as I actually do not know the complications and circumstances which lead the ruling government to take this decision, but I would like to say if really people wanted to be true to their religion and celebrate Eid al-Fitr they would not have required a Ramzan ceasefire, because peace-loving people would not have demanded such stoppage of the forces as their mission is to just gun down the bad guys irrespective of any religion. 

I got this chunk from an interview of Jitendra Singh a BJP minister to Hindustan times:

Q: What were the gains from the ceasefire?

A: As a noble gesture, maybe the government sent out a message that if you are a pious Muslim, you are observing Roza, then as good human beings, we will cooperate with you. But if you are not faithful to your religion, to the sanctity of the fact that you are observing, where it is mandatory that you don’t think evil, you don’t harm anybody.

But if you don’t find that discipline, if you are not faithful to yourself, nothing prevents me from protecting myself. I think those who have not stuck to the sanctity of Ramzan stand fully exposed.

So the above answer says it all, you stand exposed who kill in the name of religion.

I would urge the forces to go all out on the enemy and punish the offenders and bring peace to these innocent souls who get targeted like trees in the path of a tornado.

I pay homage to these two great souls as well as all the other people who have laid down their life for the sake of peace in the valley.

Let good times eclipse the terrible time and with it all the destructive forces, who don’t know the meaning of peace.

I agree the blog has become a bit longish today, but I think it is worth the extra few minutes of our time taken to read let us all pray for their peace.

Mr.Aurangzeb and  Shujaat Bukhari - Victims of a cowardly act
by Pakistan Proxies.

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Friday, 18 May 2018


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“Your complaints, your drama, your victim mentality, your whining, your blaming, and all of your excuses have NEVER gotten you even a single step closer to your goals or dreams. Let go of your nonsense. Let go of the delusion that you DESERVE better and go EARN it! Today is a new day!”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience
ref: Inspirational Quotes (52278 quotes) - Goodreads.

Do people get attracted to negativity? It is easy to say no and sleep off than to tell yes take responsibility and go for it! It is well known that people tend to be pessimistic than optimistic.

Similarly, people are used to complaining about almost everything from the time they get up in the morning, till they sleep we have made it a habit of nagging and complaining in our daily schedules.

Let us discuss, do you think our responsibility is over once we complain about a person or a system or an institution?

Is it right to complain all the time or can we also try to change the way things work?

I would want to stress on this by saying, just by a little complaint no problem will solve automatically, so what is the use of pointing fingers at people?

There is a complaint cycle which goes on in our lives which is irritating to the people around you who keep listening to you repetitively.

You know the word complaint and nag goes hand in hand, when you keep on repeating your dissatisfaction about something you don’t like it becomes a nag, people call you a nag.

 My opinion is, of course, you have the right to complain, but then there is your part as well, it is not finished once you nitpick and leave it there.

If you are dissatisfied with the way, things are not going your way you need to stand right up and work on it so that it will improve or change for good.

Or else there is no point grumpy like a jukebox all the time.

I will stop here and leave the thinking to you. Try to be more futuristic when you want to carp.

Thanks for your time.


Friday, 11 May 2018

Denizen - Wake up!

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India has a vibrant history, the level of maturity and advancement of our ancient civilisations is still not known to us, and we have also not made an effort to understand and realise it, as I always say we get easily attracted to orthodontic methods and systems as they are easy to perceive.

Even before the English laid siege to India, Hindustan had a great patronage and history so many stories to tell, which was just snubbed and hushed up by all the invaders who started insisting on applying their methods here, like vernacular education, policies, bureaucracy and organizational structures that would directly reflect the way affairs went on in Britain.

Do we all know during the golden periods of the great kingdoms of, Magadha, Kadamba, Chola, Vijayanagara, Mysore, Marathas and so on they all had a perfect organisational functioning system and departmentalisation to deal with different issues of the state?

But the sad part is we are seldom proud of our own culture and not interested to read more about the real Indian history, we all just still understand and look at the Indian History in the eyes of a white man.

We have never made our minds to move on and go back to the thinking of great people like Chanakya, Sri Krishnadevaraya, Ashoka, and Chandra Gupta Maurya, Chatrapathi Shivaji.

I was reading this excellent book written by Sri Subhas Chandra book himself “the Indian struggle from 1920 to 1942", in Netaji’s own words the first chapter of the book describes numerous references to the ancient history of India and Netaji applauds the great civilisations discussed above.

Unfortunately, we fell into the trap of a Britisher and started thinking in the view in which he believes, including this language ( English) in which we all are so proud that we are so fluent.

So if you imagine that there is a curtain and you are behind it, then that curtain is modern history that is the period after 1600s’, now try to open that curtain you will soon see the forgotten beautiful history of Hindustan the great velour of our kings their methods of cultivation of land, law and order principles, the advanced engineering techniques which they used in machinery and manufacturing.

Turning the clock forward,  I have asked this question in some of my previous blogs, what do you think the situation of India today would be minus the British invasion and the slavery of 200 years? Do you think was it like a meant to happen case and that we did not have any other option than to get exploited, or you think we could have kept our values high and threw them out with mighty arm of unity? Let me know your thoughts on that.

Anyway, the reality is that we cloned ourselves to their system and today our country continues to function in the British administration methods.

Why should we vote?

We all know that India is a democratic republic; we all enjoy the fundamental rights as per our constitution, not to forget we also have specific fundamental duties which need to be carried on.

Even though the universal adult franchise or commonly known as the power of voting a member of legislative assembly or a member of the parliament which is given to each and every citizen of India who is above the age of eighteen, is not a mentioned in the list of fundamental duties, I would say we need it add this to the list.

My appeal to each and every citizen of my dear country is that please cast your vote, consider elections as a severe matter please note it is merely not pressing a ballot button and inking your finger and just forget about it for the next five years.

The real responsibility as an educated citizen is to make sure that the leader whom you elected is trying to move in the direction of what he claimed during his election campaign and fulfil his promises.

If there are any diversions in his or her plans, we as citizens should question the leader and government which we elected.

Please note to all my friends who still consider polling as a joke, the babus whom you vote are the servants of the country who pledge themselves to serve, so if you keep voting some person randomly and be very callous about it, you are not on cheating yourself but you will be responsible, or you may call it helping a person to become a hero in the wrong way with his wrong doings!
The need to become proactive citizens has increased substantially.

There is a new trend now, that people show they are apolitical and vote for the “none of the above option” or popularly called in India as " Nota" , I would leave to them to decide: well do you want say you do not support any party and become a helping hand for an undeserving candidate to become your leader or you will think otherwise.

Please note voting is almost the spine of democracy, please do not consider this a joke, read manifestos of political parties before you vote, do your homework like your boss evaluates you in your workplace for a year, you need to be proactive and then talk about dynamic leaders.

Life should be great, rather than long.
- B.R Ambedkar

By doing this, you would never say what we always end up saying: “this country has no future, and all the Netas are useless” please remember you also have a part to play in this system other than just getting inked.

Please think freely about it.

Thanks for your time, have a great week ahead.


Friday, 4 May 2018

Anubhava - A Teacher

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When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience will go with money, and the man with money will go with experience.

-What I have learned from Russell S

There are many strict teachers in the world one amongst them, who teaches you lessons in the hardest way possible is “experience”.

The Sanskrit word for experience is called "anubhava."

The beautiful sculpture.

Birth is one of the greatest miracles which happened in this world and continues to; we can call it the chemical and spiritual magic for all times.

Till date, the famous biologists have agreed on the presence of soul when a soul leaves its body or what we call as death, and you know the evidence for this is the sudden loss of weight of a person the moment his heart stops.

It was said and proved that approximately 25 gms of the body weight are lost as experimented by Duncan MacDougall in 1907 at Massachusetts.

Does that leave a chill down your spine, hearing that fact well this is also an experience, so now your perspective and thinking will change about soul and your body?

That is the beauty of experience it just as a surprise for you each day which opens up spontaneously.

We were discussing birth after the miracle happens you will learn to lead your life, Oh my god I think that is the longest and the best learning process which we continue until the end.

How important is it learns and grow? It is as important as your heart beating to keep you alive, as vital as you lungs constricting and comforting to hold you live;  without learning you are just a lump of flesh and physical weight.

Learning and experience go hand in hand, each person will have their way of thinking, but there can be a convergence of thought after they experience and conclude that what they felt was something different then what they expected but now their feeling about that thought or process is matching with what his friend thought it would end up as, so we come to point of agreement based on our perspicacity.

So experience is one brilliant phenomenon which will bring people together, at the beginning of the passage I mentioned experience as a strict teacher. So it turns out either you learn based on others experiences and moves on the right path or you get tutored the hard way from professor “ experience.”

For a sculpture to become beautiful, it takes many blows from a chisel before it becomes that beautiful piece of art.

Please do not feel disheartened, depressed, agitate or feel desperate in your life when things don't go your way that is to say you are currently having a bad experience in your family or work or your business ; these are all class tests and exams devised by professor "experience" which he wants you to come out with excellent marks of maturity and enthusiasm which may probably make you understand the purpose of your life and move on like a man who is always protected by a shield of  patience and wisdom, which will help you just to smile at the people who try to flatter you, betray you or think you are not understanding their hide and seek game. that is the result of the excellent coaching of your pedagogue.

Try to help people around you to move in the right direction and also which will, in turn, help you and make you stronger and boost your self-confidence to pass these brief moments on earth, make it a memorable one.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for your time


Sunday, 29 April 2018

Modern Leaning

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Altruism, duty, family, country, humanity are the prisons of the soul when they are not its instruments.
-Sri Aurobindo

I was thinking about some new topics to discuss today.

let me tell you what was in my mind: the first one I wanted to write was about: cyber-dyne with an artificial intelligence theme the name is taken from James Cameron’s fictitious company which produces computer chips which are deployed into terminator androids which would replace humans, that's for later; I changed my mind and thought I should write about trends this time around.

What is a trend? It is nothing, but what people follow or the waves of appreciation is going towards a particular theme of music, art or sport, the latest trend of fashion and so on.

Is this world driven by trends, yes of course! We all live in a trending world.
So what are the latest trends that you follow?  First on the list would be your clothing? Supported by technology especially your cell phone, which you always want it to be at its edge and updated.

Who sets these trends? Celebrities? Of course yes they are the most successful and appealing in the marketing industry, we buy what they promote and automatically develop that brand preference and loyalty.

I agree that following trends is like the stock market sometimes there would be a buying trend which supersedes the selling trend and the rest of the time vice-versa.

Ok, that  was about the commercial trends let us talk about some other type of patterns, for example, your ideas of a healthy society, if you try to record it on a sheet of paper in a survey mode certain criteria’s you would come across points like what are the views of an individual to make it a better society? How can we think proactively to improve the systems working around us? how can you make our country corruption free?

Even though many of us may be apprehensive about the ideas which I discussed in the previous paragraph and say these are not trends but as an opinion and ideas which need great implementation, so be it, because my motive here is for you to get the idea of what I am trying to convey.

It is essential to discuss this because I see a very vague kind of living among us the gen y or the youth or known by several names, we are wasting too much time fan following celebrities fashion trends the immediate example that is striking me now is the IPL!

I agree that I don’t like the concept of sportspersons being sold to big business tycoons like horses! in the name of cricket, and now if you see cricket well it is no more the cricket the beautiful game I knew which involved skill and perseverance. It is just smashing the ball all around the ground like some artificial batting machine and also it is commercialised to the core I truly feel the spirit of the game is gone, some people say it is entertainment but I fail to agree because it more or less looks like a social media relief for social media addicts who want their selfies to be posted on the internet!

I may be a critic or one amongst hundred who does not like the idea of this level of commercialisation in any sport for that matter.

At least I appreciated when they came up with the idea of Indian football league, hockey league and Kabaddi league, as these sports do not have so much recognition in India, even though Kabaddi and hockey is an original game of India.

Why can't we think of methods to uplift our Olympic participant count?

The IPL example is just one example there many examples like these, where we waste too much of our productive time.

So my dear readers please try to follow better trends which would add value to yourself and also our country, try to analyse the political situation of the nation, think what can be your contribution to make the situation a better one, come out of the smartphone cubicle and walk to a library and start reading books and understand India as broad as possible.

let us not be the cult of ignorance!

Please remember all types of freedoms we are enjoying today, we have got it at the cost of sacrifices of millions of people, and they sacrificed thinking and hoping that India will have a better future, let us make their aspiration come true, let us make our modern leanings in the right direction.

Thanks for your time, hope you liked this blog.

Hey, this is 200th blog. I thank all my dear readers for all your support, comments and feedback.


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