Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The chosen ones

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Hope you all are doing well.

If a system is too materialistic and generating unnecessary waste the first step is to work on reducing the waste and the second is to correct this system.

I was just thinking how fortunate we all are? Yes, fortunate because seriously I am telling you we are fortunate!

I did not repeat that word 3 times just to make this blog interesting or surprising to you. But I just realized how well supported we are from the people around us who have been there in our ups and downs.

Of course, I agree this entire society would not be behind your back to help you, but I am talking about few people who help us when we are in need of help, but the question is how many have we helped in return?

Recently I had been to a marriage of one of my relatives; definitely, Indian traditional marriages are very complex in their rituals and their culture.

Even in these modern times too, that tradition is still seen, ok next when we come to the feast part of this occasion, I observed there is an industry which has been created to make this occasion a success.

The chefs, the catering arrangements flower decorators, photographers and so on.

But there is a hitch, even though we celebrate a man’s oath to take care of women and same with a woman who pledges to take care of a man as a big festival, are we lost too much into it and losing the meaning of it?

This is just my opinion we have lost to understand the meaning of culture and everything is running like an industry and we are behaving like just we are at our jobs robotic!

All the marriages are now being photographed with studio settings! Drone photography, and crane cameras and each marriage party is competitive with the technology used therein lighting, photography and recently a new jibe “candid photography” and uploading the same to youtube? come on where is the privacy?  I am not debating on the success of these marriages as it is a personal life of two people, of course, Indian marriages are the most successful in the world  and it has been documented in the WHO (world health organization) but my concern is can we think a little bit before we just spend loads on material and manpower .

I have taken comments from people saying a person marries only once so that is the reason for the celebratory nature of this function I understand that!

But you would be shocked to know that there are hundreds of tonnes of plastic and paper waste which are being generated due to marriages, where is the control on this by the government?

I tell you these are smallest of things which contribute to the natural hazards relating to pollution because there are so many marriages which take place and these small pockets of waste snowball into a mammoth godown of waste which we depend on the municipality to clear.

Food wastage

I have written about food wastage before, but with particular to marriages I see people are in such a sick mentality and think as if they have some sworn right to eat what they want and trash the rest, have you realized how much effort it takes to produce that one grain of rice or that one slice of the vegetable or fruit? you trashed.

Please think about society and the poorer classes who are still waiting to eat a morsel and the environment which we pollute since our birth thinking we superior in the evolution! 

So we are chosen ones! Who has been blessed with best we can have but still why do we crib? Think about it for wasting food or because we enjoy too much and chose to crib or pastime.

Let’s start helping the have-nots around us and experience  the joy of giving and compassion

Thanks for your time, please let me know your feedback in the comment box.


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Networking advancement a boon or a bane ? - Debate

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People are shy to talk each other, but don't mind sharing anything at all to the world on the internet!
-Social media critic.

Actually, today's topic was suggested by my friend I feel it is important and should be analyzed logically. It has also been an age-old question stuck in my mind which I will put out today.

First the question: Is advancement in the field of communication building a healthy society? Even before I answer that question let us first see how has it changed society.

Earlier, I am talking about the pre-Facebook era, the social networking market was a lame duck if I may say so, and even the motive of the social network was just you know networking in the literal sense.

But now we can see social networking has become a platform for pumping memes, countless personal pictures, and advertisements of all possible products.

Again earlier people used to talk to each other, I mean talk not face-timing or skyping, so what happened to us, why is that we feel our communities families and circles so dry and distant these days.

Well, I think of only 1 answer that is the silicon revolution! Yes, the social networking boom and silicon revolution are interlinked, as the computing power increased so did the other constituents which would help developers to build networking tools on almost any hand-held device.

The reason I am saying they are interlinked is that without the mobility and advancement which we see in technology it would not have been easy to access social networking websites in your palms!

Yes! I am of course talking about the smartphones which have changed things for good and also has a flip side.

I am not totally against social networking, but I am very much concerned about this generation Y who are totally living in a virtual world of likes, comments, and emoticons.

When was the last time we sat across a table and had a chit-chat with our grandparents and cousins, relatives?

Instead, you just create a WhatsApp group and laugh there even though you can meet everyone with little effort? or just mute those groups and being part of it for the sake of being there?

I mean what are looking at! A game of mime? I am sorry according to conventional biology T.V is considered as a passive instrument which makes you introvert and less proactive over the course of time, which earned it the name the “idiot box”.

Now I would say due to extensive social networking and online activity has made people distant and turned them into anti-social introvert people.

But there is something even scarier, we are on the verge of becoming hollow walls without any knowledge of what is happening in this world other than the memes' we read!

Please let us start reading books like older times and read as much as books as you can quit staring at screens unless you do something useful with the available technology.

My intention is not to discourage social networking but, there should be a purpose for anything we do, so it is better you find your purpose and may start weighty conversations with the people you meet on the internet instead of a monotony of hi's bye's and good mornings and good nights and what not.

If you ask me on what side of the debate you are I would say I am not totally for it, but we can 

have a nice day ahead. Thank you, Abhishek for suggesting this topic.


Thursday, 9 November 2017


Hello readers

Hope you all are happy

Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behavior you are beneath the thinker, you are the stillness beneath the mental noise, you are the love and joy beneath the pain.
-E Tolle

Have you thought about this anytime? Does your mind motivate you and makes you build a strategy in solving some problem or you fuel these thoughts into your mind and allow it come up with a solution.

Usually, I feel even though the brain is an organ and we have control over our brain, the mind is what is feels that consciousness and ability to understand.

The whole life we spend in understanding, execution and reacting to all possible external stimuli. If you the think word stimuli is too technical, then let me make it simple by terming it as external environment.

So from the time, you were a baby, can you recollect when you first started getting thoughts?

well I think I started getting thoughts from my school days may be 3rd grade or so, well don’t know if it is late or early. It may have started to flow early for you or later actually it doesn’t matter as I told you there will always be this one factor called environment which will motivate you to think, and of course, because we are humans it is in our genes to think, well that I am speaking about intellectuals who are ready to think.

The name of this blog is ‘psyched’ the dictionary form of this word is “Psych” which means to make someone’s mind to be prepared for some situation.

It is not that there will be someone else to make that person prepare like for instance a mother preparing her son for an exam. But this process happens automatically.

Who helps you to prepare then? Have you anytime thought about this: how is that you are always conscious of what is happening around you, you read people’s body language, you know when someone is sad or happy, you feel angry and nag sometimes even though you know what you were doing is not appropriate, and sometimes you end up taking a decision which is so wrong and later repents of it.

All that mentioned above I can assure you that you would have experienced it in your life before you read this blog today.

So are we psyched without our knowledge and constantly prepared by our mind which instructs the brain to behave in the way we behave, the answer is a yes!

You know what psyched me into writing this blog, it is some unreasonable behavior for some people in society starting from someone I know till the crazy politicians who like to burn their own people in nuclear test facilities for superiority? come on this man would have felt more superior if he could have done something good for his people.

Why don’t they think? Before they do something don’t they understand the negativity involved in whatever are they doing? that only reason I can think of is that they let their minds lose!

I see good men and women are suffering emotionally and feeling depressed for no fault of them and it is due to the childish behavior of their parents, siblings or anyone they care about, and they continue to suffer only because they love them!

The people who are at fault are psyched in an illusion and feel that devilish pleasure when they see their own people sad, or seriously I am not sure about their intentions.

Mind is beautiful actually it represents a person’s soul and it can achieve wonders if the good thoughts are appreciated and the negative ones are just shunned and it is possible with only true determination and the motive to think well and keep people around you happy and feel secure.

I wish you all well and hope you will forgo anger and grief for happiness and calmness and be psyched in the way which is most needed.

You make your mind work, let your mind not get you worked up.

Thanks for your time, let me know your views in the comment box.


Monday, 30 October 2017


Hello Readers

How are you today?

I want to share a short story today, this one is not too ancient or too modern it is just what happens in present day, even though I have seen people go through this I would like to trace it out as a story.I Feel it is very important for this message to go out to as many people as possible.

The region of Madikeri also famously is a very famous and beautiful place in Karnataka, there lived a family in the midst of a coffee estate.

It is the family of Mr. Varma who is a successful businessman in the food processing industry.

Maya is  22 years old,  who is Mr. Varma’s daughter who wishes to crack the UPSC exam and wants to serve the Indian administration services.MR Varma’s wife is a homemaker trying to support the family in the best way possible.

So things are working out for this family with new hopes of Mr. Varma to make more profits, his daughter who hopes to clear her exam and so on. But as you know life is like cycle definitely there would be ups and downs!

Similarly, this family started facing issues which started off Mr. Varma’s business taking a U-turn due to certain corrections in the market of this product and some of his key employees quitting his business.

As some of us would be aware there is lot competition in the food processing industry and these were testing times for Mr. Varma.

The repel effect is always not good, in this family it played a key role in setting or rather changing the environment of the house, the house usually gaily and cheerful but now it turned out rather a mellow and dull place due to the pressures of Mr. Varma's  business.

Things became worse when Mr.Varma developed a bad taste for alcohol and started coming home drunk and started behaving in an inappropriate manner destroying the inner peace of Maya and her mother, who were very concerned about him.

Maya whose preparation for the exam was going well could not concentrate now and felt depressed and weak, even though her mother kept her motivated, she failed that exam.

There ends the story! Sorry if you think if it was abrupt, but the message I wanted to convey was told so I just wanted to end it there, so what is the message? Here goes.

A family is like an institution where there is something which goes on a daily basis and in the present scenario a joint family is not to be found very easily and even the nuclear families are like with maximum of four people in a typical case, if there a distortions in the normal flow of thoughts and understanding patterns in a house it will become a huge mental setback for people of the family who more simple or kind  at mind.

The Department of Domestic Violence and family disputes Prevention, USA says half of the families face problems due to parents! Please don’t take me wrong that I am trying to corner parents here, the kids are equally responsible so that other half of the graph is shared by them.

But in the above story which I shared, it is the case where an ambitious aspirant for one of the most difficult exams in the world was doing good and focused, unfortunately, she could succeed due to the lack of mental support at home.

So I would like to push this message to all those parents out there who love their kids, maintain decorum in the front of your kids, please don’t lose your temper in front of them make them feel uncomfortable instead build confidence in their minds, if you have your personal issues or with your wife or husband try to solve it by yourself, until your children are ready to take the heat and help you swim out of it. Stop setting wrong examples in your kid's mind.

In India, family counseling is still considered as the last step as we hesitate to share our personal pains to a stranger, but I tell you it is most required and helps keep a health check of your family bonding.

Let me know your opinion on this blog.

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.

Thanks a lot for your time, have a great week ahead.


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Cine Review

Hello readers

Before I start, please note this may be a spoiler if you have not seen the movie “Arjun Reddy” and you would wish to see it if you think so please watch it then read it, but the choice is yours.

How are you today? first of all happy Diwali to everyone, from my childhood I have always appreciated this festival, yes for few years for the fun we had in lighting  pinwheels, but later when we realized that all about the environmental implications it had and then stop bursting firecrackers and slowly understood the meaning of this festival, it feels great that there were great minds who brought in this concept and given to us  to carry it on to the generations to come because life is all about light and it is not about darkness, the light of hope, light of freedom, the light of achievement, basically light is all about optimism.

This is a new kind of blog which I am actually trying out and my first blog expressing my opinion on a movie which I watched today, the name of the movie is "Arjun Reddy" it is in the Telugu language a popular dialect spoken in the southern part of India.

For all those people who have already watched this movie, I am happy you watched it.
Ok let us now try to understand what kind of a movie it is , also the ones who watched it and have understood it I am sure you will say it’s a kind of rough movie and very raw, sometimes vulgar and beast like but at the end you would say it’s the most realistic movie I have seen in Indian Cinema lately.

Now to the storyline, let me first tell you what it isn’t actually it’s not some great thriller storyline kind of cinema where you have mind-boggling plots which keep you guessing the murderer until the end, or some fairy tale not real love story which doesn't have any practicality and cannot happen in real life especially the dishumm dishumm (popular expression used for fight in Indian Cinema) which we  end up watching always.

This movie is  about the life of a medical student, the director Mr. Sandeep Reddy Vanga has brilliantly portrayed  the character of an angry man ( Arjun Reddy) who is a topper in his college but still has bad habits which many medical students  end up in like: drugs and alcohol during their course, again I greatly respect doctors and I am seriously not generalizing that the majority of the students end up in all of those but unfortunately it is a fact and I don’t blame the students for this, because the profession is such that you need lot of tenacity and that’s  Gods honest truth.

So this young man a college topper and perusing his house surgeoncies’ falls in love with a Mangalorean girl, and they are inseparable until their bond is deeply broken when both the families do not agree to their marriage due to the “caste” and “creed” issue which is typically expected from our society. the story takes an ugly turn when the hero ends up totally depressed and almost loses his mind for this girl and ends up on road addicted to extreme alcoholism and drugs which proves bad for him with blackouts and also ends up his medical license to be canceled.

At that particular scene of an in-house bench court where his brother and his family try to get him out of this case Arjun realizes his mistakes partially and accepts his misdeed and his medical license is canceled.

There I think I developed respect towards the hero’s character for his truthfulness, which I appreciate.

After this, the story has been brought back by the death of Arjun’s dear granny who passes away and Arjun now on the roads rejoins his family because he cared for his grandmother very much, who was with him for when he told about his love story.

The last 30 minutes of the movie which I expected to be ended up abruptly as it happens with many movies here the endings are split, I liked the way in this one even the ending was realistic. At first, we see Preeti the Girlfriend who is married according to her family’s choice is a pregnant and Arjun is broken after he sees that as he feels she is not at all happy.

Next Arjun goes aboard just to take a time out from everything, where he meets his old time friend Kamal, now Arjun is even more convinced that he needs to claim his life back and his soul mate back, so he comes back and tries to talk and convince Preeti to marry him!

After a while she is shown in a park sitting on a bench and Arjun talks to her with no response, after persuading to talk to her, she breaks down and says she is pregnant with his baby and she was not living in her house just after three days of marriage because her family noticed that she is pregnant.

So finally ending on a happy note they marry with the approval of both their families.

Well there ends the story I have kept it way too brief I agree which I have done it on purpose as this a blog and I have got feedback saying that my blogs are too long sometimes.

But I think after I while I watched something realistic, because I am sorry to say we are living in a hypocritical society where we always keep saying tradition, custom, caste creed and religion and end up not being truthful to any of these, that I feel is even more disastrous than being agnostic or atheistic or a rationalist, this movie helps us understand actually what true love is and it is nothing but devotion according to me to anything you love not necessarily a women  it can be anything your profession, your hobby or your talent, but sometimes we end up hiding our feelings hiding our desires for the sake of society by doing which I think we are cheating ourselves.

I feel we should go all out and do what we like unless it is not harming society, now for the ones who say well it is a movie and you can show and script it the best way to woo the audience, I will not agree at least in case of this movie, because if you watch it you will see reality It doesn’t look like scripted one! also saw some ruckus in the media where people protested against this movie, I stand by my statement that it is a realistic movie may be exaggerated at some parts and a little bit of foul language which may have been avoided and blur some scenes of doing booze, women, and drugs but the truth is always ugly.

I would not like to end this blog with a marketing tone saying “I urge you to watch this movie and so on” and please this is not any paid media kind stuff where I have great connections with cast or crew that asked me to write a review I am just a rookie who likes sparking discussions with my dear readers this is out of my free will.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

Have a blissful Diwali and a weekend.


Helios meaning the sun in Greek (my blog name from this blog onwards)

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Hello readers

Hope you all are doing well.

Every tiny molecule of ash is in motion with my heat, I am such a lunatic that I am free even in jail.

-Sri Bhagat Singh

We all look up to our leaders and are also motivated by their stature and the way they take care of their followers.

Going back in time there were great leaders who have lead people in the right directions which have helped to make this world a better place to live.

 Historically there are many people who were great leaders and their legacy is being taken as an example till date talks about Karana oh! What a great worrier he was. He fought till the end and gave away everything that he was asked including his divine shield which was a divine gift. That is one of the qualities of a leader non-materialism or sacrifice.

Recently I  read a random article about the correlation between mythology and logic, the funny part is that recently when my cousin visited he actually suggested writing a blog based on almost this same topic but, highlighting leaders.

So what is the correlation between the almighty sun and a leader, well I have read in the history books which often contain some poetic lines like: “here comes the leader who shines as bright as the sun” now why do they say that why is a leader compared to the sun? Well, I was thinking about it for some time and these thoughts uttered to my mind.

The sun is selfless, for him, the first priority is always shining to give light and this shining takes  lot of his strength   because he burns himself up to shine for us, similarly, a leader is a person who believes in helping his people first and lead them in the right direction he will think about himself  lastly after he has helped his people in whatever it is required to be done.

The sun is a mighty star placed millions of lightyears away from our mother earth, but still, each and every being on this earth is dependent on the sun, to be clear we can say without hesitation that without the sun there is no life, imagine a day of darkness! all that breaths depend on energy on the sun and he is the only one capable of supporting life.

After talking about the sun, little peek inside mankind, there were many kings who were seriously great leaders Pritiviraj Chauhan, Sri KrishnaDevaraya the Wodeyars of Mysore, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Chandraguptha Maurya and so all of these above-mentioned leaders share some common qualities like ambition, challenging self, the zeal to win a battle and above all giving their lives to their people and helping them enjoy a better life.

I feel most of the present leaders have forgotten these basic lessons of being a front-runner and end up in just getting criticised from their people for their lack of duty and misdeeds.

If the leaders are firm and stand on their toes with the intention of selfless, that my friend is a move towards progressive society.

A leaders mind should be as clear as mountain water and should contain minerals of selfless and compassion towards his men.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

Thanks for your time.

Saturday, 30 September 2017


Hello readers

How are you today?

We discovered the earth when we were traveling to the moon.
-Astronaut on board the first moon landing mission.

Understanding is the key for to succeed in the process, without us knowing what we are doing there is actually no meaning in life.

So in the vernacular education system which almost all of us have been through, there are considerable amounts of attention and technique which were given and used by our teachers to make us understand our subjects as well as the other values.

But as you know our brain is almost the most advanced natural computer available in this world, as this computer grows, by which I mean as we grow so does our brain, growth here means is not physical growth, I am talking about the psychological upgradation that happens simultaneously as we mature.

The spark!

Spontaneity defines a spark, a spark can make or break situations for instance when I say make a situation think of a spark plug which starts your vehicle. When I say break a situation think about a gas leak and a small spark in that room the result is just a big sad fire accident!

The above paragraph was just to bring the subject of sparks upfront because what I actually intend to discuss about is the mental spark. Well, actually it is not much of a complicated concept to understand.

So here is what I think is a mental spark, something which comes spontaneously to your mind in the correct situation which is useful, to that situation and maybe help you to solve the problem you are in.

One of the common mental sparks which light every day understands when you are in a conversation a pattern of sparks light up in the participant's minds which leads to arguments and agreements and maybe finally a solution.

The self-Spark.

This is a person realizing somethings which he has noticed each day but suddenly starts thinking deeply about something he realized, for example, there are some fantastic things that one always wonder about like the eternal question “ how the universe works “? I think that has always fascinated and me and there is appoint where science stops and cannot explain further and that is you known mystic force comes into picture, actually some days ago I was seeing a documentary on discovery science where scientists have come up with a breakthrough theory about how the electromagnetism has been an important constituent in forming of stars and planets.

Maybe the example becomes a little bit lengthy sorry, so that is the whole point, our minds ignite to certain stimuli and go into the thinking mood which will help us understand life better.

Before ending the blog I would like to say always be in the ignited mode understand each and every step of your life and reason it out why things happen the way they happen, it does not require you to become a student of any applied science or some great mind from Massachusetts or Carl Sagan institute you are born with it each one of us is! Indeed just you need to tap your capabilities.

The best use of the sparking is you will understand your life and why your sad if you are you will get an ability to chalk out a plan to how to resolve that and become more successful!

Thanks for your time until next week then Adios…

The chosen ones

Hello readers Hope you all are doing well. If a system is too materialistic and generating unnecessary waste the first step is to ...