Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Am I the one?

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In a war of ego the loser always wins.

How many times have you felt that you have been trapped in a situation or felt bad about a situation that it happened only to you and it never happened to the person next to you whom you think it should have happened to , though I agree it is a bad thought to wish something bad to happen to someone, but it is a honest fact that we would have got such thoughts.

The reason why I wanted to talk about this theme is actually simple there is a urgent need and it must be addressed because I see many of my friends and some people in my family circles repenting and feeling bad when they compare themselves with others!.

We actually know that comparing is not a right thing to do but we end up doing it, which is also fine but when you think and feel that you are the one, I want to you to ask yourself one question when is that this question “Am I the one” come to your mind .

I think most of you will agree with what I am going to say, you feel too worried and sad when you are in a situation which is bad or negative, for instance you have sprained your leg or while driving you had a minor accident, of course I am generalizing that you would react in the above manner there will be definitely exceptions but I am talking about the typical behavior recorded.

But there is a contradiction to the above which is you do not complain or feel bad or think “if you were the one” when good things happen to you again for instance, you were selected among six of your colleagues to go on an assignment to some foreign country, have you thought am I the one that moment of time? I don’t think so.

You would not have told anything at that time because your ego will be jubilant and will voice your mind by saying of course you are the best that else will the opportunity go to other than you and so on.

My dear friends that is the mistake we make in life when something good happens with us we forget to thank that force which made it happen, that force you call it cosmic energy, God or anything you respect and consider it is higher than all the things in this world, we should start thanking this force which also makes people do what they do to make you experience those jubilant moments in our lives.

This life is  a constant fight within our mind and ego which has set certain standards and expectations  if not fulfilled we would be angry or unhappy and start feeling all bad things happen only with us and we think we are the ones who have not done any mistakes.

Please start leading a logical life and analyze the problems you face daily minus the ego and the emotions that will help you progress and also make your life more meaningful.

Stop judging yourself, that is the famous mistake done by mankind.
- George Bernard Shaw

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Friday, 2 June 2017


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You have the capability to change your life all with a simple shift in perspective.
-Demi Lovato

"We develop each day both mentally and physically from the day you are  born" quoted a great scientist in the international  science congress, which was questioned by the consortium of scientists present there. The argument was about the very meaning of the word “develop” does it mean always a progressive curve?

Does it look simple to answer? Interestingly it took the scientist an year and a half to prove that it means: not only a progressive curve it may be also the other way round, he did not mean negatively but highlighted the point that what happens and which is considered as a change is called development and it is our judgment which brands it as a negative or a positive development. For example if you were say a 14 year old and now you are 24 year old, definitely you are a man from a boy now and you have also become more precise in your thoughts and views about the facts of this world., another way of looking at it is development can also be the progressive aging of a person which is called as old age and which is definitely inevitable and is the rule of nature. SO now if you see old age as a negative change or a development then that is your perspective towards life.

We are all aware that we have advanced in the fields of science and technology and also have invented machines which are ready to clean our houses help in cooking the list is almost endless.

Louis- Braille the person who gave the blind the power to read and write, and an great inspiration for looking at life at whole new perspective, through the inner eyes.

But still  I see that we ourselves and sometimes the people around us don’t seem to be happy and are often seen complaining that they are bored, now how does this happen.
The problem lays in the mindset, when you do things half-heartedly and for the sake of doing it we see our mind reacts in a mellow way and makes you feel bored.

Imagine you are working for a company and you nature of job is pretty monotonous it is very normal to get tired and bored of doing the same job but I have seen some people happy and always cheerful even there.

What keeps them happy it is simple they don’t consider their job as their life they first consider their life and then the job which is part of it.

We must all put our mind into something to really understand how things work. apart from that job you got into to satisfy yourself and earn few bucks this life has more to you all depends on what you see from your inner eye (the mind).

From today start practicing this put your mind on to anything you do and what has to be done, start solving your problems, I assure that, you will feel better and  more satisfied and happy. I am sure you can do more than what you think you can do!

Try it! It looks simple it’s again up to you to put your mind on it and make it simple.

When start cultivating this habit you will understand the rel meaning of development and you will never feel old, of course the physical oldness is not in our control but our minds for sure will be young until the body supports it.

Thanks for your  time, until next time good bye.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


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A man is great by his deeds not by his birth.
-Acharya Vishnuguptha Chanakya

Our time on this earth starts from the moment we were born and when does it end? Well that is obvious it is when we end.

So it all matters what we do this in this tiny time frame called life? Let us see what we can do and what people have done.

Well I agree we shouldn’t compare ourselves with anyone in this world, but I guess we can see them as a yardstick and may be imbibe their goodness in us.

There lived these great painters, musicians, sculptors, thinkers scientists and many more, they were all talented in their own fields, but at the same time there commitment excel in whatever they liked to do was unquestionable.

So what was time for them, actually time did not matter to them as they were too busy in their effort to reach their goal. That commitment which they showed to the world makes us remember them to this day.

Do you think you can achieve more than what you think you have till now? the answer is definitely a yes because achievement is like the sky there is only a limit until where you can see but actually it is limitless, so if you go to the end  point until where you saw then you start seeing further.

Then what is that which is stopping you from achieving what you want?

If you think logically you will find out your own shortcomings, I will mention a few below to be frank these are real enemies which we should try to stay away or fight and defeat them.

The first in the list is lack of planning, it will have an long term effect on you when your prime age is over, I think planning is required to be done in each stage of our lives, may be the first five years of your lives are planned and taken care by our dear parents, but they need to plan little bit more keeping the future in mind till the age of fourteen, rather than just fulfilling the basic need for a kid of that age is study and play. Next it is the  maturity and awareness of the child rather than responsibility of the parent to start planning to achieve what he or she desires to become, parents at this stage according to me should shadow the kids rather than persuading them to some usual careers.

So the first enemy is an unplanned life.

The second one is the sadistic, complaining and cribbing nature which we pick up from the surrounding environment or which we have got from our roots, this is not good to oneself and the people who live with him/her, and there is no use of this habit except for feeling negative and just a grouchy face, this is actually a combination of immaturity and short sightedness of the person who has still not realized this whole life is an illusion!

For all the people who are still try to make others’ lives tough please understand yours will be the toughest it may be fine now but in future it will definitely not.
I think the above mentioned facts should be realized and understood at the earliest to make your life a meaningful one.

Thanks a lot for your time, have a nice day ahead.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Mother- The Forebearer

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All that is living in this world starts breathing from that one divine source, mother.

We all love our mothers and there is some sort of bonding between her and her children from a child’s birth till the end what is this magic about I wanted to understand so I thought let me write few lines on this so that we all can discuss.

The great Scientist Charles Darwin once said, “Irrespective of all the species phyla or what other biological divisions we have done till now a mother is always a mother and her place is always at the top!”

We must first acknowledge the fact today we are breathing in this world and seeing and enjoying this and we are biologically present at this moment because of our mothers.

What is that one character that puts a mother aside when you see all your near and dear ones together, and then you see your mom.

There is one word which is well understood by all most everyone that is motherhood.

I know we all understand this word but what is it actually? It is the spirit of being a mother from the moment you started growing in her womb and continues till he last breath, it is actually love at its purest form.

As we grow we move from childhood to teenage to adolescent finally to  adulthood, though we will continue adoring our mothers, we tend to get annoyed at times for simple reasons; but there is something very important aspect here which we should not forget that is, your mother no matter how much you get annoyed at her argue and scream ,she will persuade the next time to do the right thing, that dear friends is called true concern and innocence which few people possess in this world.

You as a child can always be open with one person, that is your mama, irrespective of your age because even before you are in a mood swing your mom will find out and ask you the troubles you may be facing, she feels sad if you are in trouble and shares your happiness in your happy days.

She always cares for you and never lets you go empty stomach in her presence,  that level of selflessness till now I have experienced in only two people one is my mother two is my dad and third one is my dog.

I write this blog in concern and in hope that it finds all my readers in good health and their mothers in good health and for my dear readers whose mothers have departed to a better world I would like to say “Don’t worry my friend only you have lost the physical presence of your mother she will protect you as a shield from wherever she is present always that is again motherhood”.

For some “so called busy people ” who consider that taking care of his/ her old mother is burden and waste of time and leave them in old age homes I laugh at them for their stupidity and misfortune that they have lost their last chance to serve a living Goddess.

I would also thank all the fathers who are also one of the key factors for a child'ssuccess, I will write a separate blog on Dads’.

Ahead of the mother’s day I would thank all the mothers for making that name sound divine and a delineation for love care and concern.

I respect all the mothers in the world as it is quoted in the Upanishads” Mathru Devo Bhava”.

Thanks a lot for your time, have a prodigious day ahead.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Law-Politicians:Linked or Unlinked?

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The question, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant expect in a picture book?
-Sir David Attenborough

Man has evolved from a simple food gather, innocent and less emotional actuality to a sophisticated fully emotional and also intellectual being.

In the process of this evolution he was able to build huge civilizations, cultures languages and huge system to check if everything is working as planned and that huge system he called it as The Government."

So who takes care of the activities and functions of the Government? There are individuals who work to earn their daily bread and the portfolios a government can offer is very vast starting from the police sources to the hospitals to the rail road departments well the list is almost endless.

Also we must realize there is separate legal department the Government has, which deals with legal issues of the land in which the Government prevails and it is effective to all the people or citizens who reside there, let us discuss with regards to the laws and implementation of the same.

The system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties; is the definition of law as given in the chamber’s dictionary.

When we talk about the second part of the definition it says enforcing the law by the imposition of penalties, when I see this practical daily situations of this above sentence in India I feel there is not much implementation taking place.

So are we heading towards the evading of laws I think partially yes, I would agree we are always used to negative media, it is nothing but just covering all the sad and bad stories and almost not showing any positive stories, well why do they do that may be to get TRP (Television Rating Points) or some other politically influenced reason which I am not interested in knowing. But still considering the fact of negative media I still feel the legal system is failing in India at the implementation level, atleast media is a window which shows the average of the current situation.

And then there is this age old question: are our police force and our legal institutions politically influenced? Of course the answer is yes, even though there are good laws in India and also dedicated officers who are in the pursuit of enforcing law, there are still jockeys who are in between the system trying to control the strings from the grass root level till the roof, and these jockeys’ include big industrial tycoons, underworld goons, politicians and other mafias who have become for their own reasons examples poaching mafias, sand mafias and so on.

How do you think this will impact your daily life?

At first I would say it is a major system and legal failure and a constitutional failure where you are not able to enforce law, it leads to heinous crimes on wild life which is the wealth of every nation, bullying forest conservation officials by real estate mafias leading to habitat destruction and unbalanced distribution of population of animals leading to human animal conflicts.

Let us Save the wild before it is too late!
In this particular aspect the implementation part is very weak and at the cost of a habitat and a whole eco-system! The people who celebrate when they bully an officer or kill an innocent animal or physically and verbally assault officers, and laugh like demons dont worry one day you will not be alive at the rate at which you are  destroying the forests! For smuggling, land grabbing and so on.  

The most impacted areas are the villages and the under privileged who are known to be exploited all the time by the babus by luring them into treats for votes.
Urban people are also impacted chain snatchers, shop lifters and vehicle lifters walking free even after being caught in police stations only because a superior got a call from some so called political leader to release him! What a tragedy.

The solution

I see is there should be a clear disconnection between police force and political elements, police force should have separate budget like military and should be considered as a separate institution like soldierly. There should be swift execution of our laws and no middle men should be left near to intervene in this process.

The convicts of what so ever crime should be given capital punishment and for horrendous crimes like man slaughter, rapes, wild life destruction I think there would be no less than a death sentence!

Padmashree Sri Ullas Karath a protector of tigers in India.
Let us all unite together in this movement and join hands in making India a more law abiding nation and making it a crime free society and fighting for the cause to save our last remaining wildlife! Which would prove that we are worth to be called intellectual beings?

Thanks a lot for your time have a nice day ahead!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Our Helpers

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Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, atleast don’t hurt them.
-Dalai Lama

It is summer season in India, and the mercury levels are raising to all time high even though it may be due to some mishaps of humans in cutting down trees and destroying natural ecological systems, there is also global warming which is going on from years and we are in the Anthropocene stage of civilization which simply means the present state of earth from the last 11,700 years of civilization.

Actually wanted to discuss on a more urbanized topic and related to keeping our surroundings clean.

Well I am sure everyone likes to maintain personal hygiene and also like our place of residence to be clean.

So now the next question would how to keep our surroundings clean this would include roads sewers parks lakes.

Well we are fortunate we are living in a society where we pay tax and the rest is taken care by the government to certain extent atleast but you think paying tax is the end of your responsibility?

I would say absolutely not we all are responsible for each other that is the government to the people and vice versa.

Moving on, we create lot of waste on a daily basis, which can be organic, chemical and material waste and there are dedicated people who risk out there at the cost of their lives for clearing the waste which has been created by us!

If you are thinking risking their life is like an exaggerated word to use, I think it is not because consider a person who sweats in all sorts of waste which may contain infection and viruses which cause diseases, and there are many well known cases where people are suffering from life-threating diseases.

I think we owe them a lot I agree we are paying garbage taxes but whatever we pay it truly take lot of determination to do such hard labor. We cannot bare the stench of garbage if a garbage trucks passes by imagine a man works like a full time job in the same truck cleaning all your dirt almost 24/7.

Majority of us if we are called to garbage cleaning drives in our corporates back out because the dignity of labour in you kicks in.

Then what about the people who are doing this on a daily basis!

I see women pushing garbage carts with their children who instead of enjoying their childhood help their moms. Even though i agree there large machiniesed machines used to clean big highways and main roads, it has to implmented in residential roads and complexes on a larger scale.

The next on the list are the sewage cleaners I consider them as my heroes and I also feel they are the real heroes just like soldiers they arrive at sewers which are blocked and remove the blockage on time!

It is sad to know there are many awards given to sports people, celebrities and so on where is the recognition to these real heroes in the sewers who are ready to help if you just make a phone call. Lastly the electrical line man and service engineers who risk their lives on high voltage electric cables, even if you say “it is their profession” I would reply “my friend it requires self-motivation and high level of service mindedness.”

The sad part is people do not understand this part in the society and abuse all these folks at times which are seriously immature and obtuse.

I also feel our garbage cleaners lack the latest tools and amenities, we cannot still provide them broom and also a fork gatherer and a plastic or a jute bag to collect all the garbage and not expect the sewage cleaners to go inside a sewer half naked and come back bathed with filth! I think this is an inhuman situation in this era modern science and technology.

In other countries we can see caddies been given to city hawkers to clean the swiftly and with comfort I think we need to bring in the same system here.

Better training is required so that garbage collectors can handle the waste in a more technical way we need to provide educational facilities to theory children and give a decent pay. I appreciate our honerable prime minister kick started the swatch bharath drive, which is step one I feel towards cleaner india and constrodium for a citizen to particpate in cleaning activities, its up to us from now who we want to take this from here.

Sweeping machine used in spain ; this should be replaced by the push carts and brooms in India.

Let us also spend some time in thinking about these sensitive issues and help our government and these grass level workmen with whatever we can.

Thanks for your time Good day!

Sunday, 16 April 2017


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Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure the difficult one.
-Bruce Lee

To live a normal life we depend on many people of various professions, because they help us fulfill our daily needs and help us to continue living a happy life.

Among these daily needs there is one delicate and important need and that is health care, when you think about health care almost it is natural that the first name which comes to your mind is a doctor.

Let us discuss a little bit about this: When we visit a doctor we will explain  infirmity to him.

Now it’s the doctor’s turn to diagnose your problem and suggest a treatment.

What method does a doctor us to break your problem in bits and then solve most of the doctors use a method called as ‘negative feedback method’ so if you analyze the name of the method, it says you giving a feedback in a negative way.

But is it good because seldom people say talking negatively about oneself is bad, but that is a poetic way of looking at it, in medical sense it means that telling the ailment discomfort then the solution you get from the doctor is the feedback. So you expressed your negativity which the doctor will convert into something positive called a treatment which is the solution.

The  strongest feeling that a human can get and motivate him is hope, hope will bring you that strength that which muscular power cannot give you and that my friend is called the mental strength which most of the people try to steal from you by demotivating you.

So the first rule in the doctor’s rule book is filling your mind with hope and confidence. The second rule in the book is healing.

Never give up on yourself
Healing is considered as one of nature’s virtues and most sophisticated and wonderful methods till now and a great mystery to many scientists.

The good part is that healing can also be initiated in certain cases for example ,you are disappointed on something your mom or father or your friend will motivate you and try to cheer you up that is the healing right there and you will have a sense of mental relief. The chemical healing or the network of blood solidification that happens on a wound, is a chemical and automatically initiated process, but mental healing can be initiated like what I have mentioned above.

The third and the most important rule in the book of a doctor is the never give up attitude.

When a doctor meets a patient, he would start from the simplest treatment and also tries to identify the root cause of the issue, finally he will solve the problem, suppose it is a complicated case he will try to refer books ask and discuss with senior most colleagues and do almost the best to make that person get-over his illness and lead a normal life.

He will never give up and will never take a step back for the sake of his patient.

This is what is required in life never give up on your dreams never give up on doing good to people, continue helping the deserved, please make the person standing next to you feel relieved of his pressures, as Bruce lee said, make atleast one definite move towards your goal, I think that says it all.

Try to be that doctor to as many people as you can who will remember you till their last breath not for your medicines  but for those few good words and confidence you gave them when they needed it, we must always be service minded to certain extent well that's my opnion.

Thanks for your time have a nice day.

Am I the one?

Hello Readers Hope you all are doing well. In a war of ego the loser always wins. -Anonymous How many times have you felt th...