Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Forgotten people

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Don't read success stories, you will get only the message, read failure stories you will get ideas to success.
 -Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Here is something new about this blog. I have tried to write this using Google voice typing. We all should try it use it was an amazing way to save time and also more productive.

So today I want to I want to discuss some people who have given this world meaning and also created milestones for themselves and also to others during their time.

The motivation behind me to write this blog he is a movie which I watched recently called The Darkest Hour it is based on the life and Critical times of the biggest empires in the world that is that is the British Empire it is based on the life of Winston Churchill

Even though there is a good amount of negativity around Winston Churchill’s methodologies and also the damages caused for the British army and claiming more than 3 million lives for which he is referred as genocide monster, and also an  Indian hater who called the Bengal famine as the fault of Indians multiplying like rabbits! And also withheld the aids which were offered by other countries like France and US, which lead to the death of millions.

But still, if you look at the best out of worst in Winston Churchill you see a patriot inside who for saving his land from the fascists took all possible paths and defend his land successfully which led to the decline of Hitler and the end of world war 2.

Similarly in India there was a great man whose ideas were very futuristic and also very promising, and he is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who built an army which we all know called the Indian National Army not only in India but he tried to converge other parts of the world also to fight against the British imperialism he took a strategy to unite the Prisoners of War against the British, many sceptics who say this is what which actually drove away  British from India more than the Quit India Movement which is of course is debatable .

Can you imagine the determination which this man possessed that he could build his own Army to fight against British?  how many of us were ready to do if you are in Subhas Chandra Bose’s shoes we read a lot of Quotes regarding courage, commitment and also patriotism but don't you feel this is actually a practical example which you can try to explain to the youth of this Nation.

 Netaji is located in different angles by different people because he tried to join hands with the darkest soul who lived in this world Adolf Hitler, but going to the half glass empty half full approach don't you feel the primary objective was to make India free from the exploitation of the whites. We hear a lot of political discussions even today about Subhas Chandra Bose and his suspicious disappearance in the plane crash at Taipei, Japan. half the time we are always trying to get a joy feeling that Subhas Chandra Bose did not die in that air crash and lived on till the  late 1970s which are so recorded, understand even now the death of Netaji is a mystery but instead of finding answers to a big conspiracy which I don't want to comment who is involved, why can't we concentrate on what Netaji wanted his dream India to be and try to become more clear in your views and mature as a society.

The next person whom I want to talk about is also great he is the architect of the governments today he respective whichever political party is in power have you guessed I'm already? If you are still haven't let me tell you he is Dr BR Ambedkar we all know his name because the moment we say and talk about this great person we only get one thought in mind that is he fought against untouchability in India, even though we know that Ambedkar was the chairman of drafting committee for our constitution he has also worked in uplifting India in many ways he was the first law minister of India he was the first to reject the idea of the Aryan invasion theory in his book written by him in 1946 titled who were the shudras, Ambedkar views Shudra being part of the country of world in Indo Aryan society but became so  degraded after the inflicted many tyrannies on Brahmins.

According to Ambedkar, the Rig Veda says Aryans, Dasa and Dasyus were competing religions groups’ not different people.

Do you know the Reserve Bank of India was based on the ideas that Ambedkar presented to the Hilton young Commission?.

After the brief overview of 3 personalities among others I would like to end this passage by saying let us try to be us and not someone else, make a mark for ourselves and bring good to the society without expecting returns and make people realize that they could also think in similar lines like how we do and try to achieve something.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Con game

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I would prefer to even to fail with honour than win by cheating.

Banks have always been safe houses of deposits of the common man in any country, but lately, the banking industry has become messy with scamsters inside and outside these mammoth organisations.

Do we release who is the biggest victim if such scams keep happening its none other than us the depositors of the bank.

Recently we all came across this shocking news of a scam valuing to more than ₹11400 crores and still counting.

This shameless scamster Nirav Modi and his team of scamsters are now part of one of the biggest scams in India.

Just to give a brief idea of this scam in laymen terms, it is class one loan fraud where there are loans taken from the bank without any collaterals or even basic procedural controls and swindling bank money resulting in stock devaluation.

Here’s what actually happened on Jan 28th, 2018.

Punjab National Bank (PNB), the country's second-largest public sector lender, is now in the middle of a ₹11,400 crore transaction fraud case.

On Wednesday morning, PNB informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that it has detected some "fraudulent and unauthorised transactions" in one of its branches in Mumbai to the tune of $1771.69 million (approx). Following the announcement, the share price of the State-owned bank plunged 10%.

Meanwhile, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) received two complaints from PNB against billionaire diamantaire Nirav Modi and a jewellery company alleging fraudulent transactions worth about ₹11,400 crore, the Press Trust of India reported. This is in addition to the ₹280 crore fraud case that he is already under investigation for, again filed by PNB.

Who is Nirav Modi?

Nirav Modi, the billionaire in the middle of this controversy, is a luxury diamond jewellery designer who was ranked #57 in the Forbes list of India's billionaires in 2017. He is the founder and creative director of the Nirav Modi chain of diamond jewellery retail stores and is the Chairman of Firestar International, the parent of the Nirav Modi chain, which has stores in key markets across the globe. His designs have been worn to the Oscars by 'Hidden Figures' star Taraji P. Henson and to the Golden Globes by Dakota Johnson, among others. Actor Priyanka Chopra is the brand ambassador.

How the fraud was detected

According to the complaint filed by PNB with the CBI on January 28, the fraudulent issuance of Letters of Undertakings (LOU) was detected at the Mid Corporate Branch, Brady House in Mumbai.

A set of partnership firms -- Diamond R US, Solar Exports and Stellar Diamonds -- approached the bank on January 16 with a set of import documents and requested for Buyer's Credit to make payments to overseas suppliers. The firms have Nirav Modi, his brother Nishal Modi, Mr Nirav's wife Ami Nirav Modi, and Mehul Chinubhai Chokshi as partners.

Buyers Credit is, typically, a short-term loan facility extended to an importer by a bank to finance goods and services. It is a common mode of transaction in international trade where a bank extends credit to the importer and a finance agency based in the exporter's country guarantees the loan.

As there was no sanctioned limit in the name of the firms, the branch officials requested the firms to furnish 100% cash margin for issuing the LOU for raising the Buyer's Credit. At this, the firms contested that they have been availing this facility in the past; but the branch records do not corroborate this.On digging further, the bank officials discovered that two of its employees had fraudulently issued LOUs in the past without following prescribed procedures and approvals. The employees had then transmitted SWIFT instructions to the overseas branches of Indian banks for raising Buyer's Credit without making entries in the banking system to avoid detection.

The complaint also said that the funds so raised for the payment of the Import Bills have not been utilised for such purposes in many cases.

As per the FIR, five of the SWIFT messages (SWIFT is a messaging network used by financial institutions to securely transmit instruction) were issued to Allahabad Bank in Hong Kong and three to Axis Bank in Hong Kong.

What will happen now?

One of the worrying aspects of the scam is that in its statement, PNB says that based on the fraudulent transactions, other banks appear to have advanced money to the customers abroad. It goes on to add that these transactions are contingent in nature and any liability arising out of these on the bank will have to be decided based on the law and genuineness of underlying transactions.
Meanwhile, Joint Secretary of Department of Financial Services Lok Rajan said “I don’t think this is out of control or too big a worry at this point. That is my broad sense.”

However, the ₹11,400 crore scam comes at a time when the Central government is attempting to provide a breather to ailing PSBs, having announced a ₹2.11 lakh crore capital infusion to the sector in October 2017.

As of now, as Reuters opined, the only good that could come out of the affair would be some fresh consideration to implementing better practices in public sector banking.

Source: www.hindu.com
So the conclusion is that this was a hand in glove operation.

I urge the Government of India to use all its intelligence agencies to track this fraud down and take stringent action against such scamsters and bring them to justice and adjudicate them with the highest punishment available.

I would like to leave you with a question if the oldest banks have such type of insiders who help white-collar criminals get away then what is the belief in which we lock our money in banks?

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

The truth about you

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Mind is more powerful than you can imagine, it actually knows all your hidden talents but it does not have an instrument or a medium to tell  you, instead it is you who should become the medium and open up this secretive mind before your soul departs from your body empty that treasure chest full of thoughts and talents buried deep inside your mind and understand the purpose of your living.

Another week just flew away with the winds of time, just as it flew away I got some fresh thoughts which I wanted to share it with all of you today.

How many of you have thought about this? Your fears, your source of happiness, what excites you the most your likes and dislikes.
Definitely, I am sure you would have some thoughts about atleast some questions which I have mentioned above.
But still, there will be hidden truths about ourselves which you understand as time moves on, or it would be identified by the people around you, still wondering what I am trying to tell you?
Just a  simple instance will help you out, assume there is a micro group study being conducted on a group of people. The group was asked to walk on a particular street when they were suddenly shown a village roadshow, a simple poor family trying to show them some rope tricks like tightrope walking and the balancing act.
How would they react when they saw is, let me give you some choices to help you guess: would they feel happy and be amazed by the talent of the performers, or would they feel bad thinking about the poverty situation in India and think about talking to those kids’ parents and helping them attend school, or just walk away.
Even though the above example is simple and straightforward, there are certain inferences which we can trace from it.
First and foremost the example is a classical situation analysis which is presented by many trainers which help to understand the trainees' mind.
If you felt happy and amazed: that would infer you are a simple thinker and you just live the moment and a focused thinker, basically, goal oriented your goals first and societal goals later.
OK! Seeing the performance you thought for a while, even though you felt a little bit happy in the first place you continued to think and finally the smiling curve on your chin turned into a glum posture, as you realized those children were in a hardship and you felt they deserved better.
The third kind of people would be less emotionally oriented in life or fall into the category of others if you consider this a micro group study.
I would like to discuss more on the second inference, let us just assume  some ten people felt bad about it and started getting thoughts in their mind ,you know the type of thoughts which won't stop, which would also lead to a will and determination to do something and change the situation which they saw.
These are types humans who actually try to change the countries state from the grass root, I salute to all such type of people who would like to think like that.
Moving on, let us put you and me in that situational group study, how would you react? suppose your reaction relates to the category 2, that means my friend you think differently and there are lots of things to be done by you and is pending I would say start doing it don’t worry about the society or the people who  try to oppose what you want to do until and unless it not causing hurt to this society or environment.
The feeling and motivation which you got from inside to do what you wanted differently is the truth about you, that is what who you are or who you wanted to be, let me tell you many of us just shy away from what we want to become and do something totally different which we were not actually prepared for, but still excel in that do you know what it means, it says you are so talented you can excel in a field which you are not great at, imagine if you find and search and bring out your hidden talents would not achive your life goals and also feel contented?
People say we all are gifted with some talent when we are born, some people are good enough to understand that at an early age ad they excel with their strengths which is again awesome.
For others who feel discontented in what they do, expose yourself to the society to situations, to movies,to live performances or watch televisions I am sure the hidden truths will come out and actually are coming out as you are reading this and it is all your mind, the only thing which is remaining is whether  you want to work towards what you want to be at the cost of anything or just keep it aside and enjoy the comfortable situation you are in currently!
So it is all in you as mentioned in the thought at the beginning of the blog.
Thanks a lot for your time, let the hidden chest living inside you be opened up I wish you all well.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Human toys - A Ruthless reality

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Compassion to animals is connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.


We all are living in a world where we are not alone and now that question has gone still deeper with the research about aliens and the new question is are we alone in this universe?

Anyway coming back to earth, the focus today is to bring some awareness to the topic I am about to discuss and also the heights of how materialism can have an impact on humans.

Before I start this particular blog I would like it to say it is purely based on facts and my self-experience, and what my feeling about it, I request you to counter me in the comment box and make this a proactive discussion.

Here we go! Over the years domestication of animals has seen an increasing trend for various reasons for example if a farmer has a cow it has various uses and in urban areas people like to have pets at home like horses, dogs, cats, birds, fish even extreme cases of having a turtle at home and even more extreme cases of celebrities like Michael Jackson owning a private zoo in his ranch was a milestone, and people in the UAE like to have wild animals like lions and tigers as their pets!

My first question is, do we own all the rights to play with nature, however, we wish to because we think we have  got all the mind power in this world which these animals and birds do not have, I would agree with the second part of the question that we all do possess the mind power or what people called intellect, but I would never agree with the first part I do not have any right to cage a bird or chain a dog but still we all have done it!

Historically speaking,  the culture of keeping animals at a place started in Rome, where cats were considered as sacred followed by downing dogs was considered as a prestigious thing and it was used more productively used like looking after grazing sheep, which led to the terminology “the Shepheard” breeds and the dogs saving the lives of skaters in the alps popularly referred to as “retrievers” and the "bernads" and from then on the journey of humans was always not alone they were always more or less were in close association with animals may be just for love or to finish up the chores for which they were used for or purely business!

The Era
In the 1900s especially cats,  dogs, and horses were now in the recreation and entertainment industry, like dog shows, circus and even some movies in various languages.

Terms like show breed, show dogs were coined in these times, then horses were allowed to participate in bigger events like Equestrian in the summer Olympics which is still prevalent even today.

The mishap
I being an animal lover and an animal welfarist have been upset about few of the practices which are followed in the process of achieving the results discussed in the previous paragraph.

Now the major concerns are enthusiasts whose intentions are not what I am questioning  but their short-lived enthusiasm is what I want to question, according to me suppose if we bring home a dog please understand you have broken him up from its family and now all he has you and your home, which he has started loving more than himself, But unfortunately I am seeing dog owners just being very excited for some time after they bought their dogs and later the excitement dies and different ways are sought to move the dog out! I don't think that is fair, where is our commitment?

We have lost the meaning of lives and treating poor animals as commodities.

The problem of inbreeding has become prominent in cities, dogs with specific breeds like Labrador retrievers, German shepherds are common.

The result of inbreeding is that the even dogs are now victims of man-made genetic disorders, people cut the tails of parrots so that they can’t fly, a fish which is at the bottom of the food chain on which a major part of the ecosystem is dependent is asked to swim in a small glass tank so that you can just see it and enjoy?

Taking care of animals at home is not bad I am not against it, but do we know the correct methods to do this. The bigger question is can we care all the time or part with your pet when you feel it’s a burden to you.

Now think all animals are not just some things which we can just do whatever we want with it, they have a soul inside they too acknowledge your love and care and they start believing that you are its world.

Let us start taking responsibility and be considerate going forward, rather than buying pets from merciless breeders who have made this an industry and gone to the extent of getting their dogs undergo a cesarean just to meet deadlines! , try to adopt the strays and the abandoned ones!

For all the circus owners a small request stop using animals we have seen the cruel training behind an amusing trick have some mercy!

Nature has given us everything and we are part of it, so think what can we give back to nature suppose you feel you can’t give back anything try to change that answer from nothing to something and maybe one day make it most of the things. Do not treat innocent animals as toys they too have a life please understand this, they are not human toys!

Thanks a lot for your time.


Monday, 29 January 2018

Help-A perspective

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How are you today?

Each day is a new realization like a caterpillar develops colors in the cocoon which it is not aware and finally when it comes out as a butterfly amazes itself and you with its colors!
-Michael Jackson

These are the days of realization for many of us because if you take the human life, the prime age of 20 till 40 shapes what we will end up as after these years. The point is how many of us are ready to realize this?

It's again an illusion which makes us feel there is still time for us to do what we want to but we forget, time just runs away in front of us like a bullet train and we miss it each time because of we just too slow to catch the speed of that train.

Can you lead a life without this word?  “help”.

If you ask me, I being a realistic and optimistic person I would say “no” it is impossible.

Look at the history book there are only a few people in this world who can beat their heart and say “I am totally independent” I would imagine in India it would be some monks on the top of the Himalayas who have explored the physical abilities of their body and brain beyond normal human beings.

It is a well-known fact that we are dependent on someone from the moment we are born until we end it.

How can I be so sure that I am confident to say that we always expect help, let me prove my point in the following paragraphs?

The day we are born we were fortunate enough to be taken care by our parents and the nurse at the hospital then the doctor who helped you in the maternity and next your dad who felicitated the whole process financially and morally and from then on till today you were fortunate to have a family happy or sad, you are part of it and realize one day the importance of it.

The helpers

According to me all the service providers in your life are fit to be called helpers at the end of the day if you say they are just doing it for money or you paid them to render that service it does not matter, because it requires a bent of service-mindedness to help someone sacrificing his own time for you.

This whole blog I have kept time as a reference, how much time a person lost of his own to help the other person that is the greatness of people who wish to help, you may return him a favour for his help but time lost is gone! so we need to show latest minimum gratitude for the help we got.

The words like “thank you” and “you are very kind” simply did not just come up with the evolution of vocabulary; it would have been used by people who seek help when they were in distress.

I have experienced helping is a very nice feeling but definitely, conditions apply.

Why do I say conditions apply because if you help without expectation it very pure to your heart and you enjoy the bliss, otherwise you will have a sour or sometimes a bitter taste of expectation hitting you back of your heart and making you feel uneasy?

The obvious

Some obvious feeling felt when we help people is: First of all we feel good about that we helped them, initially the expectation of a return help will arise, which you would not get and you might go tell to a friend about what happened and feel sad about that you helped that person in this crisis, but did not get anything in return and 2 you might stop helping which means the selfishness in you kicked in!

The last sentence of the last para will break you, so if you want to help never expect returns that way you move one step ahead towards higher thinking.

The society

Oh! What a cruel and low minded society we live in, a true disaster and the most disgusting part is, they are all sadists who can’t stand people helping each other and start gossiping about that too! Grow up the great jobless people of all times.

To conclude my blog for those who think it was a confusing one, help is a universal instrument which was presented to us by cosmic forces to in short God,  just like water and air and it is required not only among humans but also within humans and animals and vice versa, be open-hearted and never stop helping for a good cause, and society what society?read what Mother Theresa said about the society she said I quote “helping arms are better than speaking lips” I think that says it all.

Think big do something that will change the perspective of you after you leave this earth for higher purposes and let people remember you forever and repent if they were unjust and unreasonable to you, help with the spirit of Karma yoga, and feel the satisfaction which is like no other.

Never give up.

Thanks for your time.


Sunday, 21 January 2018

Forgotten Etiquettes

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If a man keeps too many people happy and helps them,  he will be mostly a lonely person in life.

According to you what is a relationship, the general perception and the imagination that we get in our minds is any love song from a Bollywood movie? Well, I feel these days this is the perception towards freindships and relationships, which is according to me is totally wrong, the fact of the matter is we actually do not understand the exact meaning of it.

The main purpose of writing this blog is that I have seen people around me and I have observed that in some places it is very ordeal the way people behave and look at a boy and a girl who are just talking to each other happily.

Why do people have an affinity to talk negative when they see two people of opposite sex just trying to speak?

I was a student of psychology some years back, I had read about human behavior during particular situations, some basic takeaways were:

Some people can’t tolerate happiness and they are popularly called sadists in English, it seems when they see people speaking in gleaming happiness, it will make them feel very insecure, and the resultant reaction is just bullying in that conversation, I have observed that who bullied finally walks away from their happily, so he made his environment unhappy and drained that happiness and filled his mind with it! 

The above is one category of people, there is another whom I consider a disease to this society, and yes I am sorry if the word disease is too harsh, but I ought to use it as the situation is very grim.

This is so pathetic that people backbite and gossip so much about a guy talking to a girl and just keep on blabbering filth about them, is it because you are jealous that you could not pull away a conversation with her.

Beautiful depiction of the boomerang effect by Norman Rochwell

Purely not being sexist here but this mindset is there equally in men and women and they strive to achieve their goals and go to whatever extent possible, ok! The goal here is just breaking open the friendship and again feeling happy about it.

The Basic Etiquette

Ok, I am not a travel savvy person and maybe not having so much acumen to speak on this but; I have worked with many foreigners from America to Brazil, to China, Sydney, and the Philippines, I feel more comfortable to work with them than Indians. Yes, you might question my judgment by asking me “of course in professional life people like to stay professional and are not interested in either passing personal comments or talking about other people, I would like to counter by saying, then why we Indians eat sleep and live gossips? please tell me if you disagree with this statement this question is for all the professionals who are working in MNCs' so are we professional? are we so immature to invade someone’s personal life and are so jobless to understand who is he speaking to and whom and be judgemental about it?

Why is a man speaking to women is considered as a stigma and a great sin even now in the neo-modern era? Why shouldn’t positive things like friendship co-operation, support come up instead of people calling that man a player or that women something worse?

First try to clean your own thinking lenses in the brain so that you can think without any fog of negativeness and short-sightedness, remember life is like a boomerang it will one day definitely hit back at you, so it is better you should plan whether you want a good one or a bad one to hit you.

What I feel we all should do when we get the craving to gossip about someone or talk rot about a relationship, try to rethink about it and first of all see if that adds any value to your life if you do that other than devilish pleasure.

Thanks for your time.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Mistreatment of impeccability

Hello reader

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.
-Denis Waitley

Good day! This blog is actually one among my life experiences, and what I have learned and understood by looking around.The time which we are living today has depleted when compared to the value systems which we had some 20 years ago, even though I am not denying the fact that even at that time there were some black spots, now those spots have changed into a cluster.

There is this famous saying “when money is lost something is lost, but when character lost everything is lost” now I hear sometimes on corporate meetings or you know in satire comedy shows, “If the character is lost nothing is lost, but if money is lost everything is lost!”.

Where are we heading? is there still anything called innocence left? Has everyone become smart in an evil way and aimed at only materialism?

You know this psychology which is going on in India, well not only India even the rest of the world there is a significant increase in materialism and character paralysis which is an epidemic.

What is character paralysis? it is according to me compromising too much of his own self for the sake of society or people or jobs or so on.

But there is a new culture which has come up I would like to call it the art of making people work for you the way it would work out and finally when all that was wanted is done just trashing them like a used tissue.

How many of you have experienced this? I would say yes! If you take a crowd of 100 people I am sure at least 50% of the people would have gone through this.

You would have met this colleague or your classmate who suddenly becomes very close to you and you would also like spending time with him or her and then the list of help and requests begins and finally one day you would realize that unfortunately you were taken advantage of and feel bad about it, when already that person would be already preying on his or her  next victim.

If any of you reading this blog have come across such situations, people and were victims to this cheap act,  do not feel bad  because the person who was responsible would one day again end up with someone more smarter than he or she might  also become victims some other day so do not feel bad, life is a wheel so its only matter of spinning.

Before I end what do we get in becoming parasites on somebody or manipulating someone for our own gains?  this will eventually lead to remorse when all the strength in your body has decreased and you need someone to help you. Live true to your heart take account of how you live, I am not here to ask you to set examples but expect you to maintain a minimum decorum.

Thanks for your time let me know your views in the comment box.


Forgotten people

Hello reader Hope you are fine today Don't read success stories, you will get only the message, read failure stories you will ...